Manufacturer Authorized Warranty Service Center

Admiral Pool Solutions is proud to be your Las Vegas source for manufacturer authorized warranty services and repairs for many major brands. With our extensive knowledge on swimming pool and water feature parts, services and repairs, these pool part manufacturers trust our swimming pool contractors to complete your repairs using the proper tools, techniques and care.

Brands We Perform Warranty Work For Include

Jandy Pool Equipment Warranty Service Zodiac Pool Warranty Service

Polaris Pool Equipment Warranty Service

Caretaker Pool Equipment Warranty Service

Raypak Pool Equipment Warranty Service



Ultra Pure Equipment Warranty Service

Del Ozone Equipment Warranty Service











How Your Warranty Works

For specifics on how your individual warranty works, please reference the materials provided by the manufacturer when you purchased your product, but in general this is how it works. We need to know the installation date, who it was installed by, and proof of purchase or proof of installation. These should be provided to your Admiral Pool Solutions warranty authorization representative when you schedule your service call.

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