Pool Renovations Process

The exact process for your swimming pool remodel or water feature renovation may be slightly different, but in general here is what you can expect from Admiral Pool Solutions when we remodel your pool.

Step 1: Contracting & Scheduling

After an initial consultation your swimming pool consultant will design and bid your project and we will ask you to sign a contract based on that bid. Once the contract is signed, and deposit received, designs, colors and other specific options will be agreed upon and ordered. A project start and completion date will be explained based on the expected delivery date of your materials. Depending on how long it will take to get your choice of materials Admiral Pool Solutions will then schedule your remodeling service with our expert team.

Step 2: Reconstruction

The reconstruction phase is where you start to see your new swimming pool or water feature take shape. This is where we install new water features, spas, waterfalls, and anything else you want added to your new swimming pool.

In a very short period of time you will see your pool take shape and finally begin to shine with the tiles, deck and plaster finished you have chosen. For surfaces requiring acid wash one extra day is needed to give the surface time to set. Once everything is set our pool technicians will start the hose to fill your pool, and  you will turn the hose off once it is filled. We ask that you monitor your pool filling and turn the hose off once filled, then contact our office to do your final startup. A field manager will monitor your reconstruction during the process and once completed will train you on how to use your new equipment for maximum enjoyment.

Step 3: Relax & Enjoy

Our crew makes every effort to ensure that your home is not left looking like a construction site and that we cause the least amount of interruption to your regular routine. Despite even the best efforts the fact that you had construction going on in your back yard is bound to cause a little stress. Now that it’s all over you can relax and enjoy your new outdoor or indoor swimming pool without worry for many years to come.

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