Polaris Warranty Service

Admiral Pool Solutions is dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality products to compliment our admirable services. We prefer to use Polaris automatic pool cleaners and replacement services. For more than 40 years, Polaris has been known worldwide for its quality and best-in-class automatic pool cleaners.

Not only do we suggest adding Polaris to your existing pool system, but should your automatic pool cleaner or other product malfunction, our technicians are authorized warranty service providers. Working directly with Polaris, you can rest assured that your parts will be properly repaired or replaced according to their high quality standards.

About Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaners

Polaris Pool Equipment Warranty ServiceLeading the industry for nearly 40 years, Polaris is the #1 brand in automatic pressure pool cleaners. With a full range of pressure pool cleaners to fit every application of pool design, Polaris offers superior cleaning performance  Polaris is also setting the benchmark on against which all other pressure pumps and robotic pool cleaners are measure. Using Polaris to clean and service your pool will allow for a peace-of-mind so you can enjoy your pool all season long!

Review the Polaris Warranty Here