FINIS Elite Package

For the serious swimmer, this conveniently packaged money-saver includes an array of top-quality accessories. The staff at Endless Pools has individually selected each item from the catalog of FINIS, the worldwide leader in swimming technology. Available for $299

This kit includes:

Duo SwiMP3 Player Z2 Gold Zoomers
Swimmers Snorkel Agility Paddle
Instinct Sculling Paddle Energy Goggles
Tempo Trainer Pro Mesh Gear Bag
Foam Pull Buoy

Duo SwiMP3 Player The highest underwater sound quality. Featuring revolutionary Bone Conduction audio transmission for crystal clear audio without the use of ear buds.
Learn More | Available for Individual Purchase $120

Z2 Gold Zoomers With its comfortable fit of 100% natural rubber, the Z2 creates a soft and secure fit and inhibits hyper flexion. The short blade encourages shorter and faster kicks while experiencing just enough propulsion through the water.

Swimmer Snorkel Unique center-mount positioning to allow a full range of motion for all strokes. Adjustable to wear with swim cap and goggles.

Agility Paddle Strapless, ergonomically advanced design to develop correct hand position. Works for all four strokes and most hand sizes. (size: Medium)

Mesh Gear Bag Durable nylon storage with mesh ventilation for fast drying. Features a drawstring closure and a zippered compartment. 30″x18″.

Instinct Sculling Paddles Ergonomically advanced design to develop the correct palm-positive hand position while sculling. Strapless to make it easier to correct technique; convex to promote an early catch and maintain forearm position.

Sculling Paddles

Tempo Trainer Pro
The small, waterproof device easily secures under your swimmer’s cap and transmits an audible timed beep. Use as a personal pace coach for smarter training. Includes a replaceable battery and dry-land training clip.

Tempo Trainer Pro

Foam Pull Buoy Held between the legs to increase upper body strength and promote proper alignment. Made of non-chafing soft foam EVA.

Energy Goggles
Foam Pull Buoy

Energy Goggles Their most comfortable pair, ideal for fitness. With a soft one-piece frame designed for a universal fit and curved carbon polymer lenses for optimal viewing.