Endless Pools Add-Ons & Accessories

There are two colors that have no additional charge. $0 Colors are Platinum and Sapphire Blue. Additional products are available below.

the Fit@Home System for $399

Endless Floor Mirror for $495

The Endless Floor Mirror – Designed for serious swimmers, the Floor Mirror is ideal for swim technique improvement because it allows you to make adjustments to your stroke in real time. The 2′ x 3′ Floor Mirror rests on the bottom of the pool, and is ideal for tracking body roll and hand entry. A must for serious swimmers. Available for $495

Swim Pace Display – Easy to read — even with swim goggles — the 7″ high-visibility display presents the pace of the swimmer in minutes:seconds per 100 yards or 100 meters. Perfect for interval training or to monitor improvements in swim technique. Simply set the pace and swim for as long as you like. Available for $295

Underwater MP3 Player

The Duo is an MP3 player designed for swimmers that offers the highest quality sound without the use of ear buds, thanks to the revolutionary Bone Conduction audio transmission to transmit crystal clear audio through the cheekbone directly into the inner ear. With 4GB of storage, swimmers can listen to music, audio books, podcasts and more, all with incredible sound.
Learn More | Available for $120

The FINIS Fitness Packages

For the novice swimmer, this conveniently packaged starter kit includes an array of quality accessories to enhance your Endless Pool experience. The staff has individually selected each item from the catalog of FINIS, the worldwide leader in swimming technology.
Learn More | Available for $239

Performance Package = 7 products for $289
Elite Package = 9 products for $299 Best Value

Outdoor Power Unit with Weather Guard
If you plan on locating the Power Unit in an exposed area we recommend the Outdoor Power Unit with Weather Guard to protect the motor from rain. Additionally, this unit should not be placed directly on the ground.
Available for $190

Additional Run Hose

If your equipment is to be placed further than 25′ from the pool, you may require longer lengths of hydraulic hose.

Dual-Connecting Hydraulic Hose

The hydraulic hose connects the Swim Unit to the Power Unit. The Power Unit should be placed on a flat surface and can be installed indoors or out up to 75 feet away from the Swim Unit. The Power Unit requires a 220 volt, 30-amp, G.F.C.I. electrical service. Recommended locations include a garage, basement, shed with existing electrical service or next to you pool equipment outdoors. As this is an air-cooled unit and must have ample ventilation, a minimum 12″ air space must be provided on all sides of the Power Unit motor. In addition, the Power Unit needs to be reached periodically for maintenance and, therefore, should be placed where easily accessible.

Two lengths of hose are required. One hose, called the “Pressure Line”, moves the hydraulic fluid from the Power Unit to the poolside valve, submerged hydraulic motor, and propeller in the Swim Unit. The second hose, called the “Return Line”, returns the fluid from the hydraulic motor in the Swim Unit to the Power Unit.

Two hoses up to 25 feet in length are provided as part of the standard system. If you require a pair of shorter hoses, please let us know. Run hose kits longer than 25′ carry a surcharge and are Available for $5 per foot.