AutoPilot Salt Chlorine Generator Warranty Service

Dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality products to compliment our admirable services, Admiral Pool Solutions uses AutoPilot® as our preferred salt chlorine generator supplier. These top quality salt chlorine generators allow for our homeowners and commercial swimming pool owners to virtually eliminate their need for harsh chlorine products. A properly serviced salt pool reduces dependency on chlorine, maintenance, and satisfaction.

Not only do we suggest adding these to your existing pool system, but should your AutoPilot® salt chlorine generator malfunction, our technicians are authorized warranty service providers. Working directly with AutoPilot®, you can rest assured that your parts will be properly repaired or replaced according to their high quality standards.

Why Swimmers Prefer AutoPilot® Salt Pools

autopilot-logoSwimmers appreciate not experiencing harsh chemical reactions such as, red eyes, green hair, itchy skin or faded swimwear. Professional swimmers refer to salt water generated from an AutoPilot® system as ‘fast water’ due to the quality of the water allowing them to effortlessly glide through like silk. With an AutoPilot® salt generator your pool and spa water retains a consistently low level of pH-balanced chlorine that purifies your water, while making it soft and silky to the touch. In fact, unlike traditionally chlorinated water, a salt chlorine generator will leave your water in a state that leaves your hair and skin feeling luxurious and pampered.

Benefits to Swimming Pool Owners

A salt chlorine generator from AutoPilot® will remove your need to lug and store harsh chlorine chemicals, and the safety concerns that accompany them. This salt system will produce a close to neutral pH level, preventing radical shifts in your water balance, and the need for chemical shocks. Additionally, there is no algae growth to stain your pool surface. Maintenance issues and the need for additional support chemicals are all but eliminated with such stable water. An AutoPilot® salt chlorine generator is even economical to operate, using less energy than a 200 watt light.

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